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Kartavya Publication Ekam Book

Kartavya Publication Ekam Book 
FLN stands for "Unit" book which is the best book for calculations.

In Gujarati Numerals for Class 1 to 4 And
Available in English Numerals for Class 5 to 8
Mathematics is a constant topic of discussion.
A student will gain mastery in mathematics by continuous practice.
Deliver unit book to all students in your school today.
Through the unit book, the student gains proficiency in mathematics very quickly.

Kartavya Publication Ekam Book Online Order Now To Riteshbhai Sisangiya 

General Knowledge - The name itself says that it is a general that every common individual must and should posses. General knowledge is very useful in terms of personal, Academic and Professional levels. General knowledge is a key concept for any hiring process either it could be Banking, IT or other professions. In day today life also General Knowledge is very useful as it is all about common things. and its available on our study material on  www.marugujarata.in 

Current affairs also play a crucial role for students when they want to prepare for competitive exams. And why only competitive exams, even exams conducted for jobs and Interviews also contain questions on general awareness these days.

General knowledge is something that really helps us to grow both on personal as well as academic level. It narrows our sense of perceiving the world, understands, and analyzes the situations better as one would without proper knowledge.

General knowledge also helps to grow your confidence level and may prove to be of some great help during some important events of our lives like interview etc. You may start to talk to any person on any topic, but your knowledge is something that determines your conversation and your impression on the other person, a good knowledge of everything around always impress the people around you.

This certainly tells the importance of current affairs in the life of students. Apart from academic knowledge, students need to be aware of current affairs as most exams and govt. jobs related interviews emphasize on the level of the candidate on how much he is aware about the country.

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