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GEM Government E-MarketPlace Registration

GEM Government E-MarketPlace Registration


Developed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India with the help of the National e-Governance Division of the Government e-Marketplace (GEM) Portal, the Government e-Marketplace (GEM) Portal is a fully online platform for government purchases. Is a service providing portal, the presented portal provides the best functionality as well as transparency.

For the use of Government e-Marketplace (GEM) Portal of the Government of India in the present matter, Government e-Marketplace (GEM) by the Department of Industry and Mines on behalf of the State Government, with the Government of India on 11/06/2018 Daily MoU Has been done.

In the interest of local producers and sellers of the State providing goods and services as well as for the purpose of maximizing government procurement from such local manufacturers and vendors, all the departments of the State Government, Heads of Departments, Regional Offices Purchases made by Taluka Offices, Local Self Government Institutions etc. are made through Government e-Marketplace (GEM) portal and maximum number of local vendors in the state are required to register on Government e-Marketplace (GEM) portal. Instructions have been issued from zoom number (2) to encourage and make all necessary efforts / assistance for their registration process.

Purchases made by all State Boards / Corporations / Societies / Companies / Institutions etc. of the State Government through Government e-Marketplace (GEM) Portal. Various purchases should be made as per their requirement, from the above mentioned number (2). Instructions are issued.

Administrative Departments of the State Government as well as Heads of Departments and District Taluka level Offices, District Panchayats, Taluka Panchayats as well as Local Self Government Institutions also make purchases through them through Government e-Marketplace (GEM) Portal. ) Instructions were published.
Includes some of the instructions issued by various Memorandums of the Central Government in this regard

Matter of publishing necessary instructions for the purpose of simplifying the procurement process

Was under the consideration of the Government.

At the end of the consideration, all the purchases made by all the administrative departments, heads of departments as well as district, taluka offices, district panchayats, taluka panchayats as well as local self-governing bodies etc. of the state government should be done through Government e-Marketplace (GEM) portal following the following procedure. Hence the resolution.

1, registration

Government e-Marketplace (GeM) requires pre-requisite registration of the concerned officer / employee with nic.in/gov.in/genbuyer.in etc. Government e-mail address with the domain is required, if not available.

State administrative departments, department heads as well as district, taluka offices as well as local

Institutions of Swarajya (Municipal Corporations, Municipalities) etc. Government e

Registration has to be done on Marketplace (GeM) portal with the following details.

(A) Primary User: Administrative Department, Heads of Departments or Credit Officers authorized by them as well as Heads of District / Taluka Offices

(B) Purchasing Officer (Buyer): Class-I or Class-II officer of the office or Shreyan

(A) Drawing and Disbursing Officer: Class-I or Class-III Accounting Officer or Officer acting as Drawing Officer

(D) Consignee: Relevant officer / employee of the office

Selection of goods / services to be purchased

(A) In order to determine the specifications for the selection of goods / services to be procured through GeM, the purchasing State Administrative Departments, Heads of Departments as well as District / Taluka Offices as well as Local Self Government Institutions etc. should form an internal committee of their office Industry and Mines Department and C, S, PO office.

This committee will have to decide the technical specification of the goods under purchase keeping in view the golden parameter / catalog specification of the goods / services available on GeM and all other matters / conditions taking into consideration the Terms & Conditions on GeM.

(B) I.T. Hardware and software available on GeM Portal must be purchased through GeM Portal. The buyer's office may seek guidance from Gujarat Informatics Limited (GIL) to determine the technical specifications for the purchase of hardware and software.

3. Pre-approval to purchase goods / services other than GeM that are not available on GeM.

About getting

In order for goods / services not available on GeM to be available on GeM, the purchasing office has to make a request on the GeM portal. However, if not available, the following action will have to be taken.

(A) Rs. Up to 5,000 items / services are not available on Geel. (B) In order to purchase more than Rs. 5,000, the purchasing office has to make a proposal to the Industry Commissioner's Office through the head of the department.

For goods / services costing more than Rs.2,000 which are not available on GeM, the purchasing office will have to carry out the procurement process in accordance with the existing instructions of the procurement policy with the following details.

Rs. 2,000 to 1 crore: Industry Commissioner or Department of Industry and Mines

Rs. More than one crore: Front Secretary / Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Industry and Mines (Note: - Any proposal for prior approval to the Department of Industry and Mines will be considered only if the offices have submitted it directly but through the concerned administrative department of the Secretariat.)

The following procurement committees will be present for the implementation of procurement of goods / services on the Geal portal:

Add 78 78 76 74 48 in Your Group.