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Gujarat Labour Welfare Board Scheme at glwb.gujarat.gov.in

Gujarat Labour Welfare Board Scheme at glwb.gujarat.gov.in

Sarkari Yojana List

Latest Updates about Kendra Sarkar Yojana (Govt. Schemes) in India

here update continuesly new, upcoming and currently running scheme and initiatives of central government for various purposes. The list contains all the welfare schemes and initiatives launched by the central government for unemployed, farmers, women, ex-serviceman, central government employees and general public.

Gujarat Government Schemes

Gujarat Sarkari Yojana list and latest updates and news about new and upcoming social welfare schemes of Gujarat Government Yojana. Complete list of Sarkari Yojana List launched by Gujarat Government earlier at www.marugujarata.in

Educational Award Scheme

The State Labour Advisory Board had therefore recommended the creation of the Labour Welfare Board for conducting labour welfare activities. The duty of bringing light and cheers into the lives of the workers will be discharged on and extensive scale and in fuller measures by workers own organizations and by the employers and local bodies directly or through suitable agencies.

To Promote Welfare & Devlopment of Labour through labour welfare centers by undertaking educational recreatinal, quality of life improvement, capacity building & personality devlopment programmes.

    Under the various welfare schemes undertaken by the Gujarat Labor Board, the academic award scheme has been implemented to encourage the students of the labors to increase their enthusiasm and to get higher education through it.

    Academic Award Scheme for those who have passed classes of standard laborers and those who have passed 70 or more percentiles in standard 12 in standard 12

Cash awards:

Standard-10 2500 / -
Standard-12 5000 / -

Click here to view the application form for the academic award scheme

Educational Award Scheme Application Form Std: 10 (621 KB) Download

Educational Reward Project Application Form Std: 12  (623 KB) Download

Welfare schemes For Gujarat Labour Welfare Board

    Mobile Medical Van Scheme
    Educational Award Scheme
    Higher Education Reward Scheme
    Shramyogi Pravasan Yojana
    Female Shramyogi marrige benifite scheme
    Female Labour Vehical Subsidy Scheme
    Maternity Aid- Benefit And Beti Bachao Scheme
    Labour Accident benifite scheme
    Labour's Disable Child Benifite Scheme
    Swachchh Bhaarat -PUBLIC Toilat Facility For Labour Scheme
    Skill Development Training Program
    Training For Competitive Exam Scheme
    Labour’s Self Employement Scheme
    Labour Awareness Program Scheme-
    Development Of New Labour Welfare Center
    Shishu Vihar Ane Ganvesh Yojna
    Special Events/Sport Turnaments Grant Scheme
    Traditional/ Cultural Program Grant Scheme
    Yog Center
    Home Loan Interest subsidy scheme
    Labours Child Encouragement Award Scheme

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