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10 percent reservation to upper castes

Image Source Credit Divyabhaskar

The Modi government's major decisions before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are already there. In the Cabinet meeting held on Monday, it has decided to give 10% reservation for the entire tribe. Looking at the displeasure of the seasons seen against the government for some time now, this big decision is being banned.

Before the Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi government has made a tremendous decision. 10% of the people of economically backward castes have sanctioned. In the year 2018, the SC / ST Act was taken by the Modi government, the decision of the Supreme Court was changed.

Centre plans for 10 percent reservation to upper castes ahead of Lok Sabha polls

Following the cabinet approval, the Narendra Modi government will now move to ammend the Constitution in order to grant this 10 per cent reservation for economically weaker upper castes.

Interpretation of decision

* The government has taken this decision after the findings of elections in the five states' elections, in relation to the defeat of the respective quarters, in relation to the defeat of elections.

* In the SC / ST Act, the Modi government took an ordinance against the Supreme Court's order, and there was displeasure with the BJP in the voters.

* BJP has suffered the consequences of losing the BJP's votebank in the elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

* This decision has been taken to avoid resentment of family members.

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