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TRAI TV Channel Free Channel List

TRAI TV Channel Free Channel List

TRAI TV Channel Out of 873 channels, more than 500 TV channels are provided by broadcasters on a free-to-air basis. The new framework provides the channels that are provided on a free-to-air (FTA) basis by broadcasters cannot be priced by the distributors. In the previous regime, various distributors (Multi-System Operators/ DTH Service Providers/ HITS or IPTV service providers) were pricing FTA channels.

The new framework brings clarity and transparency in pricing by separating the network capacity fee and pay channel price. Given the fact that nearly 90 % TV homes watch less than 50 channels, the authority with a view to provide full choice to the consumer has prescribed a basic tier of 100 channels with a network capacity fee of Rs 130 only.

“There will be no additional charge for providing any free-to-air channel. Any subscriber who opts for more than 100 channels (a rare choice of less than 10% consumers) can choose additional channels in each slab of 25 channels @Rs 20 per slab. The consumer can choose pay channels of her/his choice on a-la-carte basis or in the form of bouquets made by broadcasters as well as by the distributors,” TRAI said in the statement.

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