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SIM card can also be used without a number of WhatsApp, Tri-Double Process

SIM card can also be used without a number of WhatsApp, Tri-Double Process

Gadget Desk: The number of WhatsApp users in India is more than 20 crores. Voice ads are not only used for messaging, but voice and video calling are also used. There is only one need to use WhatsApp, but many people do not want to share their number with others. In doing so, we are telling you some tips that you can use WhatsApp without using a SIM card or even sharing your number with anyone.

Browse TextNow app

First download the Text Now app from the Play Store. Open the app and sign in.

- You can use your e-mail ID or Facebook to sign-in.

- You will then be prompted for a user name and area code.

Here you can use the code of any other area other than India. You can also use 315808 or American code.

- More than that you will get a number from the app.

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Now download and open WhatsApp from your smartphone.

- After opening, WhatsApp will ask you a number, in which submit the number received from TextNow.

- TextNow will send you an OTP after submitting, but the process will fail when submitting an OTP.

- Then click on click on call me. A call from the app will be clicked. On the call you will get an OTP.

- Enter the OTP received call in the WhatsApp app and submit it.

- By submitting, you can still use Whatsapp without using your own number.

Whatsapp's Usage by Landline Number
- Download Wattsapp at your smartphone first.

- Then open the app and enter your landline number.

- Then your OTP verification will fail. Click on Call Me option. You will receive a call just by clicking.

- On the call you will be given an OTP. Enter the OTP on WhatsApp and submit it.

You can also use WhatsApp from the landline number.

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