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Find  out how to improve the Aadhar card and give details of the new Aadhar card

Find  out how to improve the Aadhar card and give details of the new Aadhar card

As a Voter ID, the Aadhar card is now also used to be used like a letter of identification. Now the World Bank has started praising support.

The acceptance of the Aadhar card has increased so much that even during the launch of Reliance Jio , Anil Ambani had announced that a 15-minute connection would be possible with the Aadhar card. Creating a Aadhar card is quite easy.

It can be filled online, but often there are many errors when applying. But now you do not need to panic. You can improve it easily. Learn how you can improve the Aadhar . . .

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Step 1

Log in to the Aadhar  website

First go to UIDAI's website ie http://uidai.gov.in. Then click 'Update Your Aadhar '. After logging in, enter your Aadhar  number. Make your Aadhar  number and text verification. Your mobile number will be sent to OTP (One Time Password), put it in the box on the website and you will be logged in.

Step 2

Data Update Requests

The option to update name, gender, birthdate, address, mobile number, email id on this page will have been given. From here you can improve where you want to improve. If you have to change the mobile number then click on the 'Submit' button to enter the new mobile number. Then you will be given a request number. Which you can save request in print or PDF format. With this request number, you can also track the correction of online Aadhar  cards.

Step 3

Upload the required documents to the website

If you update the name, address and birth date on the Aadhaar card, then a scanned copy of the documents attached to it must be uploaded. After uploading the file as per the instructions given, click on 'Submit'.

Step 4

BPO Service Provider

After this you will have to choose an agency that you can choose online to update a Aadhar  card. After selecting the agency, the confirmation message will arrive on the mobile and your Aadhar  will be updated in two to three weeks.
Posting can also be done by posting

- To update the Aadhar  card by post, download the form from http://uidai.gov.in/images/application_form_pdf here.

It is imperative to provide your mobile number in Aadhar  Card Update Form.

In the Adhar Card Update Form, the information that needs to be corrected first, must be updated, such as name, surname or address.

- Then, according to the instructions, fill the Adhar Card Update Form carefully

- Adhar Card Update Form is available in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and Punjabi languages ​​so that you can get the form according to your convenience. Do not forget to write Aadhar Card Update / Correction on the form by closing the form.

- Enter your address, PIN number, district details in the form correctly. If there is any problem you can contact us at help@uidai.gov.in.

Now let's post the cover on the address given below.

Unique Identification Authority of India
Planning Commission
Government of India
3rd Floor, Tower II
Jeevan Bharati Building
Connaught Circus
New Delhi - 110001

Please visit https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup-home for any other information.

What to Do for a New Aadhar  Card ...

You will have to go wherever you have an office-making office. A special camp is also organized for it, in which you can make a base card. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete a person's base card. You need to give some information to create a Aadhar  card.

What information is to be given?

1- The most important thing to make a Aadhar  card is your image, which is taken at the center.

2- Your fingerprints are also very important to complete the Aadhar  card process.

3- Your retina scan has been done on the center to make the Aadhar card more effective in terms of security.

4- Knowledge and address are required to be taken to the document center as well. You can take PAN card, election card or passport as proof of identity from them. When the address card, passport, ration card, electricity or water bill can be used for proof of address.

5- After receiving all information from you, you will be given an enrollment number, depending on which basis you can also know the status of your Aadhar  card.

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