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Booklet About State Examination Board Gujarat

Booklet About State Examination Board Gujarat

The objective of the establishment of State Examination Board is to arrange examination, graduate level and post graduate level examinations and awarding different professional Diploma and Certificates for General knowledge, knowledge of different subjects like Sports, Drawing, Architecture of the students studying in the various schools and high schools. The noble intension of the Examination Board is to see that students get employment and self-employment thru different examinations.

We have faith that the preliminary information about different types of 31 examinations held by the State Examination Board will be available thru this book. The objective of the publicity of the examinations will be achieved by this book. I am glad to present this book.


The objective of the establishment of the State Examination Board was easy administration of the various examinations taken at Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level and to make evaluation system more efficient, which has become successful. After getting autonomy more and more easy and efficient administration has become possible. The objective is to give primary information about the various examinations taken by the Board by the single booklet. I wish that it reaches to the maximum students, parents, institutions, teachers, principals.


State Examination Board
‘Evaluation’ has a very important place in different types of training in the present education system. Development of understanding, knowledge, usefulness, skill, etc. are evaluated by examination system.

Establishment of State Examination Board:

In November, 1966, the State Examination Board was established by the Gujarat Education Department to administer examinations at the different Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level. This Board has been declared ‘Autonomous’ by a notification of the Education Department in 1999. The contribution of the Education Minister is inspiring as a Chairman of the Budget Meeting of this autonomous Board. The Principal Secretary of the Education Department provides important guidance as a Chairman of the working committee of the Board. The Chairman of the State Examination Board plays the role of the member secretary of both the committees. The State Examination Board administers various 24 open examinations. The 13 members of this Board are appointed by the Gujarat Government. Apart from this, administrative committees are formed to be helpful in managing different examinations.

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