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Xiaomi MI AC MIJIA air conditioner

Xiaomi MI AC MIJIA air conditioner

China's electronics and smartphone brands Xiaomi launched its smartest AC Mijia in India. This smart air conditioner is sold at 2,199 yuan (approx. 22,300) in China.

The event was organized in Spain on July 24, 2018. Along with this, the company also introduced Mi Electric Toothbrush and Mi Robot Builder in two variants. Xiaomi has released its two new smartphones, Mi Mi2 and Mi A2 Lite. Both of these smartphones have long been discussed.

Talking about the features of this Smart AC, its body is made from anti-ultra violet abs polymer. Also, its design has been kept attractive. The company claims that the AC got good design gold award for this design.

The company is also offering a 6 year warranty on the Smart AC. The smart AC can compete with brands such as Voltas, Lloyd. Learn about the special features of this Smart AC. Its LED panel has LED display. Users can easily control its temperature from the Mi Home app.

Speaking of other features of AC, there is a 1.5 HP DC interverter compressor, which is an energy efficient. Also, it has been given anti-bacterial filter. AC can keep the room from 16 square meters to 21 square meters. It also has an 900 V electric electric heater. During cold, the room will help keep the room warm. The company says it has been given an anti-bacterial filter.

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