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100 Rs New Currency India

The Reserve Bank of India will soon announce a new 100 rupees John. These new notes of Mahatma Gandhi Series will be signed by the current governor, Urjit Patel. According to a statement issued by the central bank, behind this new note, there will be a picture of 'Rani Ki Wao' from Patan district of Gujarat. 'Ranki's WOW' is a stepwell, the picture of the note will be displayed in the legacy of Bharti.

The notes will be purple, purple, or purple. The note size will be 66 mm × 142 mm. The central bank said that along with this new note, the notes of the prevalent 100 rupees also remain in the currency. The central bank said that after the issuance of this new note, its supply will be increased from boom. Learn more about 100 new notes.
On the 100th note, a photograph of Ranike Vav of Gujarat, know its religious significance

What will be on the front
1. The numbers are written down to 100.
2. In the Devanagari script, there will be left of Gandhi's picture in between 100.
3. In the middle will be a picture of Gandhiji.
4. Micro Letters will be written in RBI, India, INDIa and 100.
5. There will be a promise clause on the left side of Mahatma Gandhi's picture and there will be a sign of governor below it
On the left side there will be Ashoka pillar.

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